Advisory Opinion: 800

Year Issued: 1977

RPC(s): 77-1

Subject: Use of Attorney`s Letterhead [Pub Inf Op 77-1]

[Formerly published as Published Informal Opinion 77-1. All Informal Opinions are consolidated in this database.]

It has come to the attention of the Committee on the Code of Professional Responsibility of the Association that difficulty is being created by parties and/or agencies receiving correspondence signed by attorneys` clients utilizing the lawyer`s letterhead. It is the suggestion of the Committee that clients are to write and sign their own letters; although drafted by the attorney it should not be on the attorney`s letterhead or, in the alternative, if it is on the attorney`s letterhead both the client and the attorney should sign the letter and give the person or agency to whom the letter is directed notice as to whether the attorney is, as a matter of fact, representing the client in regard the subject matter of the letter or not.


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